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This website promotes Budo, Art and Culture of Japan through Creative Photography and other interesting resources.

Kanji symbols that identify Aikido.

AI  (union-harmony)   KI  (vital-energy)   DO  (path-way) promotes Budo, Art and Japanese Culture with Creative Photography from Japan by © Christian Kleiman

The purpose of this website is to create a stop on the way. For travelers to meditate about their passage through this world and to encourage them to live in a continuous state of conquest for a responsible existence.


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Aiki Jinja – Aikikai Foundation
views 257
Aiki Jinja - Aikikai Foundation - Scene 5 Explore the place in wich AiKiDo founder O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba build his Dojo in 1940. Located in the area of Iwama in the Prefecture of Ibaraki, Japan. ...
Teisyouji Temple – Stairway to Pagoda
views 173
Teisyouji Temple - Stairway to Pagoda - Scene 10 Explore surrounded by ancient cedars, the famous Teisho-ji buddhist temple built in 1521 by Soto Zen Monks. In the area of Sakudaira - Nagano Prefec...
Atago Shrine – Stairway
views 263
Atago Shrine - Stairway - Scene 1 "According to legend, a young Samurai dared to ride his horse up the stairs to deliver plum blossoms to the Shogun. It took his horse only one minute to get up, but...