Endo Seishiro Shihan’s Dojo – Aikido Saku Dojo – 360 VR Pano Photo

Aikido Saku Dojo – Japan– 360 VR Panoramic Photo

Endo Seishiro Shihan’s Dojo – Saku – Nagano

Endo Seishiro Shihan's Dojo - Aikido Saku Dojo - 360 VR Pano Photo

360 VR Pano created in 2013 by © Christian Kleiman

To explore this 360 VR scene click on the image. Once open just click and drag the photo. You can also explore by pressing the arrows on your keyboard once you have clicked the photo. For mobile platforms, just move the photo with your finger tip. Toggle the Fullscreen mode for a better exploration and be patient while the scene is loading.

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